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Look beyond the hype: the terms, techniques and technologies of Big Data by experienced data-consultants and university professors

Are you looking to gain a practical overview of big data and analytics? Wondering if your organisation or team is ready to embrace a big data strategy or boost its analytical capabilities?
Join our 2-day introduction course for (project)managers and consultants to discover what you need to help your company or team become more data-driven. Next to the theory and workshop sessions, we offer a chance to share experiences with like minded professionals who are also occupied with analytics.

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Do you want to lead the change towards a data driven organisation? Most organisations desperately need professionals who translate business challenges to data science solutions. The role we envision is a business translator, in-betweener or boundary spanner. This course helps you to become one.

We offer a tailored training for managers and IT professionals to acquire the skills to run a big data project for their own company.

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HR departments have historically been struggling to “prove and thus quantify” their added value to the bottom line of organizations. Embracing a data-driven mindset and purpose-driven data collection and analysis can help overcome this challenge.

With our course, you will gain an understanding of the vast opportunities of Analytics for Human Resource departments. The course will be highly interactive by centering on formulating business-relevant questions and providing you with a checklist on “how-to-start” a data-driven HR project. 


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Are you a professional who wants to set their first steps towards data-oriented profession?

Be ready for the most-wanted job: become a junior-Data Scientist!

In this 2-week fulltime course you’ll learn the basics of the necessary skills and techniques that are demanded for this new job.

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Are you a data scientist and want to acquire the latest and most advanced skills ?

In a 2-week fulltime course you will learn the most advanced techniques currently available.

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