Big Data for Managers


Are you an executive or manager looking to gain a practical overview of big data and analytics? 

Look beyond the hype: the terms, techniques and technologies of Big Data delivered to you in a 2-day course.

Why join the Big Data For Manager Course?

Are you looking to gain a practical overview of big data and analytics? Wondering if your organisation or team is ready to embrace a big data strategy or boost its analytical capabilities?

Join our 2-day introduction course for (project)managers and consultants to discover what you need to help your company or team become more data-driven. Next to the theory and workshop sessions, we offer a chance to share experiences with like minded professionals who are also occupied with analytics.


During this 2-day course you will get:

  • An introduction to  Big Data and Analytics – Definitions, terms, history and trends
  • Different stages of Analytics Maturity – An introduction to the stages of Analytics Maturity, and the different factors for building analytical capability
  • An interactive session to assess your company’s Analytical Maturity on various aspects
  • Analytics methods – Providing a basic understanding of analytics algorithms and techniques
  • Added value for your organization – What can Big Data and Analytics do for your organization? Including examples in various application areas 
  • An approach to get from a business opportunity to an analytics solution, and six clear pointers to start developing a big data strategy for your own company
  • Big Data technology – What are the challenges and opportunities of Big Data? An overview of Big Data technology, including data storage, distributed processing, analytical engines, resource management
  • Law & Ethics – What should executives know to responsibly use big data and to avoid being caught in a scandal?
  • Talent search and people development – How to find and enable the people you need?
  • Analytics Workshop A case exercise to apply the gained knowledge from this course and devise an analytics strategy.

Who should join?

    This course is designed for executives, directors, managers, auditors, consultants and other professionals who wish to develop a high-level understanding of a data-driven strategy and its broad implications on a company level. If you are already experienced in data science, please contact us for more options on courses and programmes.

What our participants say:

      • A great turbo lecture about big data from A till Z. Excellent!
      • Nice to meet other people struggling with this topic.
      • Good overview an in-depth examples from really experienced people.
      • This Big Data course for managers gives you a good overview of all things involved: from vision and change management to techniques, legalisation and attracting and keeping the right talent!
      • Stimulating introduction to a fascinating topic.

This Big Data for Managers program took place multiple times. We welcomed senior managers from AEGON, SNS Bank, Nuon, RAI, Randstad, Jumbo, Airfrance-KLM, Nationale Nederlanden, PostNL, Shell, SVB, UWV, Staples, ABN AMRO, Evides, Dynniq, Rijksmuseum, Rabobank, De Goudse, Yarden, Vodafone, Ziggo, Ministry of Defence, and more. Read here about our first edition in March ’16 and a testimonial from a delegate of our second edition in June ’16.


Course information

Available dates

Amsterdam Business School
Plantage Muidergracht 12
1018 TV Amsterdam

€ 1950

Contact information

Vanessa Rijkeboer
Programme Manager of The Analytics Academy

+31 (0)20 525 71 46

Alumni of the University of Amsterdam will get a 10% discount, when noting your programme and graduation year in your application.
This course can also be offered tailor-made, in-company and in-house. Please contact us for more information.

Permanent Education (PE) 
Koninklijke_NBA_14-PE-uur_HR6cm_PMS7460cThis course offers 14 PE hours for Dutch chartered accountants (RA), auditors (RE, RO) and controllers (RC). UvA is officially accredited by NBA and CEDEO.


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