Business Cases for Quantum Computing (Dutch)


The vast computing power of quantum computers can lead to impactful changes in many industries, leading to strategic dilemma’s and questions: What are relevant business cases for quantum technology? What are the risks, the opportunities, and how do we benefit? When will we be able to use this technology, and where do we find the knowledge and talent ro make use of it? 

In this 1-day masterclass you will learn how to deal with those questions and shape your strategy going forward. 

This course was developed especially for business and government professionals working as: 

  • ICT Directors, managers and employees
  • Innovation managers and directors
  • Strategy and policy makers
  • Entrepreneurs

No special prior knowledge about quantumphysics or mathematics is required. 

Course Topics

  • Relevant applications and business cases
  • Potential future changes in several industries
  • Timelines and roadmaps of quantum computing
  • Practical effects and risks on security and cryptografy
  • What practical steps to take in your organisation 


This masterclass contains 8 lectures from experts of multiple organizations and a tour of the University of Amsterdam quantum computing lab. The programme includes lunch and drinks in the afternoon. 


For more information on this masterclass, please download the fact sheet on the right side of the page. 

Course information

Available dates

Day & Night Studio's (Startup Village Amsterdam)
Science Park 608
1098XH Amsterdam

€ 995 (VAT Excempt)

Contact information

Vanessa Rijkeboer
Programme Manager of The Analytics Academy

+31 (0)20 525 71 46


Quantum Computing 2022

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