Introduction to Quantum Computing


Quantum computing is one of those technologies that promises to change companies and entire industries. Quantum computers exploit the modern physics theory of quantum mechanics, which allows them to go beyond binary computation and gives them unprecedented computation power for specific types of problems. This creates challenges, for example by rendering current encryption systems obsolete. Quantum computing also creates opportunities, by the promise of solving extremely complex problems that were hitherto unsolvable. This orientation masterclass helps organisations to prepare for this new technology and its implications for their business, strategy, and technology.



What will you learn?

During this 2-half day masterclass, you will learn from the Netherlands’ most prominent scientists, leaders, and entrepreneurs, who will share their knowledge of quantum technology. The masterclass focuses on the strategic, business and IT implications of the new technology instead of the mathematics and physics. A fun and inspiring lab visit brings quantum computing to life, in one of the long-term hotspots for quantum computing science development.

The goals of the masterclass include:

  • Demystification: get a realistic understanding of how quantum computing could change the playing field, and the challenges that may pose for existing technologies.
  • Inspiration: discover new opportunities that quantum computing brings and identify promising use cases in your industry.
  • Start planning: estimate timelines for when quantum technology will be commercially relevant and discuss concrete steps that your organisation can take.
  • Start preparing learn how to identify and address threats for encryption and security systems and find out where expertise and talent could be found.
  • Experience the vibe of high-tech innovation in the Amsterdam Startup Village and see a quantum computer in action in our lab.

The masterclass is also an excellent networking opportunity with leading quantum experts and like-minded participants who seek to make the most out of innovative technologies.

For whom?

This masterclass is designed for managers and professionals working for businesses or government, and who need to understand how quantum computing will change their field or organisation. This includes:

  • Regulators, including IT auditors, GDPR advisers, data security auditors, supervisors of financial markets, supervisors of data security in healthcare
  • AI experts, machine-learning engineers, data scientists, computer scientists
  • Data and cyber security experts
  • Technology scouts, technology evangelists, digital futurologists, digital entrepreneurs
  • Executives, strategic managers

Sectors for which the masterclass will be of special interest include finance, fintech, healthcare, IT, government, supervisory authorities, insurances, high-tech, energy, logistics and operations research.

Practical information

  • Location: Day and Night Studio at Startup Village, Science Park 608, 1098 XH Amsterdam
  • Language: English
  • Date & time: 28 & 29 november
  • Fee: €995 (VAT free), UvA alumni will receive 10% discount
  • Certification: After completing the masterclass, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance of the University of Amsterdam.

How can I apply?

You can enroll in this masterclass via


This masterclass is organised by The Analytics Academy and Quantum Amsterdam. The Analytics Academy is a collaboration between Amsterdam Data Science, ORTEC and the Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam. Quantum. Amsterdam is the innovation hub that connects academia, business, and society to foster a thriving ecosystem around quantum technology, with a strong focus on software and IT for end-users.

Course information

Available dates

Day & Night Studio's (Startup Village Amsterdam)
Science Park 608
1098XH Amsterdam

€ 995 (VAT free), UvA alumni will receive 10% discount

Contact information

Iris Kroese
Programme Manager of The Analytics Academy


Alumni of the University of Amsterdam will get a 10% discount, when noting your programme and graduation year in your application.
This course can also be offered tailor-made, in-company and in-house. Please contact us for more information.


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