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In these strange timesyou’re probably working from home and are redefining your free time.  Due to changed priorities, you might have some extra time at hand. To help you turn that time into something positive, The Analytics Academy is offering a free open course in data science.  


Do you have experience with data analysis in Python? Do you want to increase your data science skills while getting in touch with (new) contacts who are learning the same? Join our course now and share it with your friends and/or colleagues! 

The course has already started, but since the topics can be followed independently, you can still register.



You might find yourself in the situation of working from home, adapting your work to changed schedules and priorities, and redefining free time. It might lead to more time for personal development or playing around with data sets. For those people, The Analytics Academy is offering a free Data Science course. The course allows you to get an inspiring introduction in advanced data science techniques through some fast-paced masterclasses (based on our newest course material).

Target Audience

This course is specially designed for Data Science enthusiasts that want to get an inspirational introduction in advanced data science and analytics techniques in a fast-paced manner.
  • Your background should be quantitative, such as operations research, computer science, mathematics, data science or related.
  • All models and techniques are applied in Python: hands-on programming experience is required.
  • Please note we offer free introductory deep dives, so don’t expect to be a text mining, computer vision or forecasting guru after this course. Please also make time available for self-study and application of the introduced techniques.


The curriculum covers a selection of the regular curriculum of The Analytics Academy. In the first week we will offer a recap of some ‘classics’ like data preprocessing, exploring data and best practices for professional data science. In the weeks that follow we cover 1 advanced topic per week like optimization, advanced visualization, computer vision or text mining.

Topics (details in study guide):

Preparation (week 1)

1. Recap Week: Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Preprocessing and Best practices for professional data science. 

Advanced Courses (week 2-6)

2. Time series forecasting using novel machine learning methods
3. Computer vision (make a neural network see and recognize images)
4. Advanced Visualizations (using Altair for interactive visuals to increase insights)
5. Text mining (extract useful insights from large amounts of text)
6. Optimization (applied on production planning)


This course is offered in a virtual environment. The learning methods include:
  • Self-study with curated online/digital content (articles, MOOCs etc.)
  • 2-3h online lectures/masterclasses from The Analytics Academy trainers
  • Application of techniques with take home exercises (evaluated and discussed with experts or peers)
  • Online break-out sessions to stimulate Peer-2-Peer learning
  • Online (slack) community for questions, coaching and discussion etc.
  • Please note this course is provided in Dutch

Course Duration:

Start date: TBD end of March/beginning of April (based on registrations)
Approximately 6 weeks:
  • Self study: 1-2 days per week
  • Contact hours: 2-4h per week
We expect to host the recap week from 20 to 24 April and start the introductory deep dives from April 27th onwards.

Required Tooling:



To offer something positive in challenging times, we are offering this course free of charge. What we ask you in return is to apply the gained knowledge and skills in a positive way, to stay inside, support your neighbors, and consider a voluntary contribution to the Red Cross at:


Please Note:

  • The Analytics Academy is developing this curriculum on-the-fly. Therefore, some topics might be changed, added or dropped.
  • Teaching methods might be changed based on the number of registrants. Specifically, when registrations outgrow our capacity for a personal coaching and teaching approach, we will ask a helping hand from our community by peer-evaluating exercises and hands-on programming support.
  • After your registration we’ll check whether your background fits our target group profile, which can take a little while, so please be patient. You’ll receive a personal mail with our conclusion/advice.

We’re very much looking forward to this program. Let’s jointly put the time you have now into something positive!


The Analytics Academy Team

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Robert Monne
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The course will run for approximately 6 weeks starting as soon as we can. The course will aim to provide 2-4 contact hours per week. It will require 1-2 days self-study per week.  

To turn the extra time you might have into something positive, we are offering this course free of charge. We’re only asking you in return to apply the gained knowledge and skills in a positive way, to stay inside and support your neighbors, and to consider a voluntary contribution to the Red Cross at: 



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