Fast Track Analytics Translator

Are you the link between business and analytics? Do you want to spearhead strategic data analytics projects in your company?

Update your practical skills and theoretical background in the 4-day fast track Analytics Translator Course!

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Susan Nuijten
Programme Manager of The Analytics Academy

+31 (0)20 525 61 34

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Amsterdam Business School
Plantage Muidergracht 12
1018 TV Amsterdam

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Why join the Analytics Translator Course?

What will you learn?

Successful implementation of data science products and insights takes more than just the hard skills to do data science. In this course you will be prepared to fulfill the vital role of the Analytics Translator.

The Analytics Translator knows his way in machine learning and data science (but not to the technical depth at which the data scientists do their work), but they are uniquely able to approach the project from the viewpoint of the business. You will learn enough statistics and machine learning to spot opportunities for such techniques for a variety of business problems. You will also learn how to translate the analytics project results back to your business audience and can facilitate a successful implementation. Like no one else, you know what team and mix of skill set it takes to tackle the business’ most pressing questions using data science and analytics.

During this 4-day course you will acquire:

  • A good basis in statistics and data visualization;
  • A broad view on the different kinds of machine learning;
  • Skills that help ask the right business questions and determine strategy accordingly;
  • Knowledge about available technology and make or buy decisions
  • Data science project management skills.

For whom?

This course is for business professionals who want to become the crucial link between the business and the data science and analytics teams. Both middle management, as well as people in roles like business analysts or any other role that in some way touches upon the analysis of data will profit greatly from this course. If you are not sure if your background fits the course, please contact us via

Relevant Industries

Banks, Insurance Firms, Financial Institutions, Tax, Institutional Investors, Accountancy, Auditing, Consultancy, Services, Government, Energy, Telecom, IT, Internet, Marketing and Communication, Event Management, Logistics, Retail, Trade, Consumer Products, Freight, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical.

Practical information

Location: Amsterdam Business School
Language: English
Certification: Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the University of Amsterdam

Teaching staff

Fast Track Analytics Translator is designed by The Analytics Academy, a collaboration of the Amsterdam Business School with ORTEC and Amsterdam Data Science. The lecturers from The Analytics Academy specialise in offering data science and business analytics education to a wide range of professionals in open and in-company programmes. They help organisations to grow and sustain knowledge at every stage of their data-driven development.


Do you have questions about this or other open programmes? Please contact:
Susan Nuijten
Manager Executive Education
T: +31 (0) 20 525 6134


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